Mummy makeover and baby photoshoot (bring your partner for free)

Mummy makeover and baby photoshoot (bring your partner for free)

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(& why not bring Dad or Grandma too?!)

Time to get those first shots of baby? We've got you covered but why not treat yourself to a professional makeover as well? You might not be feeling at your best at the moment but let us show you how beautiful you are.

After a consultation, we'll file & paint your nails followed by a cleanse, tone & moisturise of your skin to prep it for the application of professional makeup. From natural to glamorous makeup along with skilled hair styling, we'll create a look that'll have you feeling yourself again

You'll then be ready to go on set with one of our pro-photographers. They'll guide you through the process step by step to produce a selection of stunning pictures individually and together. There really is no need to be nervous, our team are used to working with absolute beginnners and pro-models alike.

After your shoot our viewing consultant will help you edit your pictures down to the images we know you'll treasure forever (and don't worry about that zit on your chin - that's what photoshop's for!)

Most of all you’ll have lots of fun – that’s our secret!

Included in this promotion:

  • Bring Dad or Grandma for free
  • Complimentary Drinks
  • Aromatherapy Hand Massage
  • File, Polish & Paint of your fingernails
  • Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise
  • Pro Hairstyling
  • Pro Makeover
  • Pro Photoshoot (with 2-4 outfit changes), individual and shots together.
  • Private viewing session
  • One complimentary high-resolution image
  • Further images are available to purchase for as little as £35 per image when bought as a package